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Ultra-thin striped ribbon made in Japan

January 07, 2022 2 min read

Ultra-thin striped ribbon made in Japan

New for January 2022 from FUJIYAMA RIBBON, a striped grosgrain ribbon perfect for casual accent use!

Exquisite color combination and beautiful weaving! Narrow striped ribbon made in Japan
The idea was to create a ribbon that would be perfect for casual accent use. That's the concept behind this ultra-fine striped grosgrain ribbon. First of all, the width of the ribbon was carefully chosen to be the thinnest possible (about 4mm wide) to express the excellent stripe lines without distortion. Ribbons are woven by warp and weft yarns intersecting each other, so if the warp and weft yarns are out of balance even slightly, the ribbon will be distorted. The overall width of the ribbon itself is very thin, with the stripe lines being approximately 1mm wide, so it can be said that this ribbon is made possible only by the skill of "delicately balanced weaving" that only a skilled craftsman can achieve. Another special point of this ribbon is the color combination, and the color scheme is designed with the usage scene in mind. We have prepared a variety of colors that can be easily matched to the front of shirts, strings for miscellaneous items, and knotted ribbons. In particular, we recommend using it as an accent for plain or simple products to completely change the atmosphere of the product. We are confident that you will enjoy using our products.

Dark Brown / Sand Beige / Dark Brown
Dark Green / Light Olive Green / Dark Green
Pink / Pale Pink / Pink
Wine Red / Red / Wine Red
Purple / Light Purple / Purple
Navy Blue / Blue / Navy Blue
Navy Blue / White / Navy Blue
Gray / White / Gray
Black / Silver / Black
Black / Gold / Black
Ice Green / White / Light Green
Pink / White / Light Purple
Light Blue / White / Cyan Blue
Red / White / Navy Blue
Yellow / White / Cyan Blue
Yellow / White / Orange

It comes in sixteen colors.

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