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Perfect for spring and summer season fabrics, Japanese piping tape

February 07, 2022 2 min read

Perfect for spring and summer season fabrics, Japanese piping tape

New for February 2022 from FUJIYAMA RIBBON, see-through piping with a thin seam allowance, perfect for fabrics for spring and summer garments!

Thin, ideal for edging light-colored fabrics! Piping tape made in Japan
This piping tape was developed based on the concept of "an edge decoration tape that does not interfere with the finish of the product due to the thickness and color of the seam allowance, even when it is used with thin, light-colored fabrics. Since products for the spring and summer seasons use thin fabrics, the seam allowance of orthodox piping would be thicker than the fabric, making the product bulky and heavy. In addition, the color of the seam allowance may show through the thin fabric and ruin the atmosphere of the product. To solve this problem, the seam allowance is made of white yarn, and the yarn is lined up with each other at appropriate intervals in a "see-through form" that maintains the balance of the structure, resulting in a thin and light seam allowance. Another feature of this tape is that the piping part is made of satin, which has an elegant luster and smooth texture, so that it can be used as an accent for high quality products. If you are looking for piping for the transition area of a spring/summer dress, shirt, or skirt, why not try this see-through piping?

Beige / White
Brown / White
Dark Brown / White
Midnight Brown / White
Old Rose / White
Light Pink / White
Fuchsia Pink / White
Purple / White
Red / White
Yellow / White
Green / White
Light Blue / White
Blue / White
Navy Blue / White
Black / White
Olive Drab / White
Grape / White
Gray / White
Charcoal Gray / White

It comes in twenty colors.

It is also available in fluorescent and metallic colors.

Fluorescence Yellow / White
Fluorescence Orange / White
Fluorescence Pink / White
Gold / White
Silver / White

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