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Spindle cord made in Japan using special bright yarn

October 28, 2021 1 min read

Spindle cord made in Japan using special bright yarn

New for October 2021 from FUJIYAMA RIBBON, a gorgeous and luxurious spindle cord made of special and expensive bright yarn!

Features a subtle lame-like, elegant luster! Made in Japan, the spindle cord is soft against the skin.
This spindle cord has been commercialized based on the concept of using "materials with excellent physical properties (maintainability and durability)" while "having a more gorgeous and luxurious feel than the standard orthodox cord, and being easy to match with higher quality products. Instead of using lame yarn for the sake of gentleness against the skin and good physical properties, special and expensive bright yarn is used to create a metallic look that glitters casually and elegantly. Then, skilled craftsmen slowly and carefully braided it with delicate and exquisite tension management to create an excellent cord that is both "easy to tie" and "hard to untie". It is ideal for use with high-class products, for products where you want to add a metallic feel, or as a point of reference for orthodox products. We are very proud of this product, why don't you give it a try?

Wine Red
Navy Blue
Sage Green
Midnight Brown
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Milky White
Iridescent Blue
Ecru Beige
Light Purple
Ash Rose
Shadow Blue

It comes in twenty colors.

There are also two types of spindle cords available.♪

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