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Striped grosgrain ribbon headband

May 16, 2018 2 min read

Striped grosgrain ribbon headband

Today, I would like to introduce a headband. Featuring a small ribbon as an accent, it is very adorable!

The design is great for both adults and children.

I will use the luxuriously smooth and colorful striped grosgrain (tricolor) ribbon for this work. I will not be using any threads or needles; glue is all we need for this project.
*Please note that the part where you apply the glue may become transparent depending on the type of the ribbon (the ribbon that I am using does not have this problem). If you are using a different kind of ribbon, be sure to check if it suffers from this problem.


1. Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon (FY-2010) 9mm / 40cm (Headband part)
2. Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon (FY-2010) 9mm / 31cm (Ribbon part)
3. Headband - 9mm in width (diameter 13.5 x 13.5)
4. Fabric bond
5. Anti-fray or a lighter

How to make:

  1. I am going to make the headband itself first. Cut the ends of the ribbon in a straight line, and apply anti-fray glue.
  2. Stick approximately 1cm of the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the ends of the headband.
    Bring it over the top of the headband, and stick the ribbon alongside the body. (By sticking the colored parts on both sides of the ribbon using glue, you can prevent the glued portions from showing. Recommended)
  3. To finish, repeat the first step; stick approximately 1cm of the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the headband. Finished. Be sure to apply anti-fray glue to the ends before attaching them!
  4. Make the ribbon part. Cut the ribbon into a 12cm piece and a 15cm piece, and form them into loops. Leave 1cm of width for overlapping, and stick them on top of each other using glue. (Use clothespins to secure the bonded areas for a cleaner finish)
  5. Bring the longer loop below, and stick the shorter loop on top of it using glue. Next, prepare a ribbon for aligning the whole piece in the middle (with overlap width, cut to 3.5cm). Stick it in the middle for a total of 5 layers with glue. The ribbon part is finished.
  6. Stick the completed ribbon to where you want it on the headband using glue. (Stick the ends of the looped part of the ribbon to the headband with glue for improved stability)

Striped grosgrain ribbon headband

Colors used for the image

  • #01 Navy Blue / White / Navy Blue
  • #02 Red / White / Navy Blue
  • #04 Red / White / Green

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