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Embroidery ribbon "Flower Embroidery"

June 11, 2018 2 min read

Embroidery ribbon

Today I will introduce "Flower embroidery" made with embroidery ribbon.

I am using "embroidery ribbon", which combines silk-like softness and beautiful colors. I combined several steps and had a go at flower embroidery. It was my first attempt at ribbon embroidery, but it felt like an extension of sewing, and it was easier to do than I thought!

You can embroider cloth and display it, or add small needlepoint designs to ready-made goods like I did here. I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy it in various ways.

Materials (1 Flower):

1. Embroidery Ribbon (FY-262) 3.5mm 3 types (flower petals, flower center, stem parts) / 1m each
2. Embroidery Ribbon (FY-262) 7mm 1 type (grass parts) / 1m
3. Cross stitch fabric (45 count)
4. Embroidery thread (grass parts)
5. Ribbon embroidery stitch needle (thick)
6. Frame

Materials (Small Flower):

1. Embroidery Ribbon (FY-262) 3.5mm 3 types (line pattern, center dot, flower center parts) / 1m each
2. Embroidery Ribbon (FY-262) 7mm 3 types (flower petal parts) / 1m each
3. Cross stitch fabric (45 count)
4. Ribbon embroidery stitch needle (thick)
5. Frame

How to make:

Please refer to the likes of embroidery books for ribbon embroidery methods.

1 Flower

  1. flower petals - fishbone stitch
  2. flower center - french knot stitch
  3. stem - outline stitch
  4. grass - leaf stitch & outline stitch (embroidery thread: feather stitch)

Small Flower

  1. flower center & flower petals - straight rose stitch
  2. center dot - french knot stitch
  3. line pattern - straight stitch

Colors used for the image

1 Flower

  • flower petals #128 (Blue) / flower center #119 (Yellow)
  • stem #39 (Dark Green) / grass #28 (Jade Green)

Small Flower

Embroidery ribbon flower embroidery=

  • flower petals #143 (Ruby)、#57 (Old Rose)、#28 (Jade Green) / flower center #119 (Yellow)
  • center dot #39 (Dark Green) / line pattern #70 (Light Brown)

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