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Ribbon type hair clasp made with grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon

May 03, 2018 2 min read

Ribbon type hair clasp made with grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon

Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you!

I am Fujiyama Ribbon’s ribbon artist, 10co (Toko).

I would like to introduce new and interesting items made with Fujiyama ribbons, and also tell you a little story about the ribbons themselves. Thank you.

The first article is about a ribbon-type hair clip. There are many ready-made hair clips available in the market, but you can also easily make them yourself! Wearing a hair clip that you made can make you feel very special! Not only does it make a great gift, but also a lovely item that you can wear as a matching look with your children.

Of course, there are many ribbons with diverse designs, but today, I would like to use two types of ribbons: grosgrain ribbon, which has a luxurious silk-like sheen and supple texture, and satin ribbon, which boasts an opulent luster and a smooth feel that will make you want to keep feeling it between your fingers.

There is no need to worry even if it is slightly angled! Do try making one for yourself.


1. Rayon Grosgrain Ribbon (FY-200) 38mm / 21cm
2. Rayon Grosgrain Ribbon (FY-200) 38mm / 4.5cm
3. Polyester Double-Face Satin Ribbon (FY-242) 15mm / 19cm
4. Hair clasp - 80mm
5. Thread & needle (the seams become hidden once finished; there is no need to match the thread color with that of the ribbon)
6. Fabric bond
7. Glue gun
8. Anti-fray or a lighter

How to make:

  1. Prevent the ends of the grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon from becoming undone.
    (Apply anti-fraying agent, or apply a bit of heat using a lighter to prevent fraying.)
  2. Leave 1cm of overlap width for each, and create a loop either by stitching, or applying an adhesive.
    (Make it slightly bigger than your desired hair clasp size, and cut off the overlap width that is over 1cm afterwards)
  3. Then, fold the center part in pleats in the shape of an accordion (valley fold the middle part), and sew it into place. Place the grosgrain ribbon on the bottom, satin ribbon on the top, and use bond or a glue gun to secure them together.
  4. Fold the grosgrain ribbon (4.5cm), intended to align in the center, three times and attach the ends using a bond or a glue gun.
  5. While aligning the ribbon from 4 with the seams of 3 in the center (thus concealing it), use a bond or glue gun on the back to fix it into place.
  6. Attach it to the hair clasp using a bond or glue gun.
    First, attach the ribbon to the center of the hair clasp, and then glue both ends (3 points). Stick the back of the ends of the satin ribbon’s loop part with the grosgrain ribbon to finish.

Colors used for the image (Shown in the order of FY-200 / FY-242)

  • #8 Old Rose / #98 Silver
  • #33 Sand Beige / #39 Dark Green
  • #30 Black / #125 Purple
  • #25 Navy Blue / #35 Brown

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