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Nylon belt tape made in Japan

May 22, 2021 1 min read

Nylon belt tape made in Japan

New for May 2021 from FUJIYAMA RIBBON is a thick, durable and fashionable belt tape made of 100% nylon!

A belt made in Japan from nylon that is both supple and has a luxurious sheen
"I'm looking for a sturdy tape for my back shoulder, which one should I buy?" This is a commonly asked question. Whenever we are asked, we recommend this nylon belt. Carefully woven with high quality nylon yarn, the tape is strong, yet supple with a luxurious luster, making it ideal for use on the shoulders of bags as well as on the belts of pants. In addition, it is thick and has a solid firmness, and the elegant design of the grosgrain pattern is one of the recommended points that can be used regardless of whether it is for women or men. This is a rather orthodox product, but the excellent tape woven and dyed by skilled craftsmen is our pride and joy. Why don't you try it for yourself?

Navy Blue
Olive Drab
Dark Gray

It comes in four colors.

There are also three types of nylon belts available.

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