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Organic cotton piping made in Japan, etc.

April 08, 2021 1 min read

Organic cotton piping made in Japan, etc.

New for April 2021 from FUJIYAMA RIBBON, piping, taffeta ribbons and satin ribbons made from organic cotton!

Gentle on people and the Earth! Ribbons and tapes manufactured in Japan using organic cotton
We sometimes get asked, "I'm looking for something to use for clothes for infants with sensitive skin. Which tape should I get?" In such cases, we immediately first recommend this tape, which is manufactured using only organic cotton weaving thread that is organically grown and made on farms that have not used pesticides nor chemical fertilizer for at least three years (GOTS certified product, which is the global standard for organic textiles). No chemicals have been used, so it becomes imperative that high caution is exercised against contamination by impurities during production, and a great amount of care goes into manufacturing it, which is the reason for the gentleness of this tape on the skin. Compared to the original product (in which organic material is not used), it places a lighter burden on the natural environment as well as people, and is an tape that not only young children, but also those with sensitive skin can use safely and without worry. We are confident in this product, so how about trying it out?

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