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"Slippers" with the added touch of rickrack tape

July 07, 2018 2 min read

"Slippers" with the added touch of rickrack tape

Today I will introduce "slippers" with the added touch of "rickrack tape", which has a cute zigzag design.

Here, I tried decorating slippers I bought from the 100 yen shop with "rickrack tape"! With a few small touches, you can quickly transform store-bought slippers with a simple design into your own original design♪ Also, because they can be made with fabric glue and don't require sewing, I made them easily in a short amount of time!

Here, I tried attaching two different sizes of rickrack tape onto the edge of the slippers, but you can easily change the design simply by changing the location or size. You could use designs like deliberately attaching it only to one slipper to distinguish left from right, or using a different pattern on the left and the right slipper♪

* Since the glue may show through lightly-colored tape, please use a suitable amount but not too much!


1. Polyester Zig-Zag Tape(FY-18822) LL / 25cm x 2
2. Polyester Zig-Zag Tape(FY-18822) S / 25cm x 2
3. Slippers
4. Fabric bond
5. Anti-fray or a lighter

How to make:

  1. First, start with narrow rickrack tape. Neatly cut the edges of the tape to the same size.
    (You can also use it as it is, but you will get a cleaner finish if you use a fraying-prevention product or use a lighter on the ends of the tape to prevent fraying.)
  2. After deciding on the location, attach it, applying the fabric glue to the rickrack tape as you go.
    (You can prevent the tape from coming off by securing the parts of the tape and slipper you have glued with the likes of pegs until they are partially dry.)
  3. Next, attach the thick rickrack tape in the same way as in step 1 in alignment with the thin tape you attached in step 1.
  4. After making sure that it is properly attached (check both ends in particular) you're finished!
    (Add glue with the end of something thin like a toothpick if it seems like it's not properly attached.)

Colors used for the image

  • #1 White
  • #30 Black

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