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[Wholesale] Polyester Trimming Braid approx.9mm (3/8") 30 Meters Roll

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  • Popular for decorating the lines of summer clothes! Thin, soft tape made in Japan
    I'm sometimes asked "Polyester ayatake cord and polyester trimming braid are similar in both appearance and purpose, but what is the difference?" It's difficult to tell from images on the internet ... (^_^;) Both types of tape have different woven structures, and the biggest difference is whether or not they have core thread. Ayatake has core thread running straight along the length of the tape, so there are a lot of threads, making it thicker and resulting in a firm cord. In contrast, trimming braid has fewer threads because it doesn't have core thread, so it's slightly thinner and lighter, with a soft finish which can cope with a little stretching. It goes well with light fabrics such as those used for summer clothing, and it has the good point of being easier and neater to sew around curves and right-angled corners than Ayatake cord. If you use this as a reference for the advantages of Ayatake cord and trimming braid, and choose based on your purpose (such as sewing on with a machine or using as a cord), I'm sure it will lead to better creations (products).
  • Sales Unit 30 Meters Roll (32.81 Yards Roll)
    Size approx. 9mm (33 Spins)
    Material Composition Polyester 100%
    Thickness 0.4mm
    Texture Smooth and Comfortable, with a Soft Feel
    Manufacturing Process Yarn Dyeing
    Minimum Order Quantity From 5 Rolls
    Avg. Lead Time 5 - 7 Business Days After Receiving the Order
    Washing Marks Polyester Trimming Braid FY-18838 Washing Marks
    Line Decoration Tape for School Uniforms (Sailor Uniforms)
    Line Decoration for Other Clothes, Bags, Hats and General Goods
    For Strings of Bookmarks Used In Books and Diaries
    Tape For Binding The Outer Paper and Inner Paper of Menus, Wedding Invitations and Seating Plans
    • Depending on performance and display settings, there are instances in which the color of the photo and the actual product slightly differ.
    • In the rare event that the ribbon has a seam in it, we will send extra of the product.
    • Please be aware of the possibility of dye lot variations when placing your order.
    • Width can vary slightly when measuring.
    • Our yarn is dyeable under atmospheric pressure, which lessens the effect of the dye on the yarn's natural characteristics, stability and functionality (especially int the case of polyurethane yarn).
    • Please conduct your own tests for shrinkage as well as sewing to avoid sewing errors and seam puckering in bulk production. After conducting your own tests, please apply appropriate care lable to the garment.
    • Items dyed in deep colors may stain lighter fabrics.
    • The piping product is braided or woven. This product is prone to fraying.
    • This item is a woven tape with one side of its selvedge comprised of loops. Breaking the loops may lead to fraying. to avoid this, please sew multiple stitches on he edge or fold the edge in half.
    • Please be careful about loose threads at the cut end as well as slippage and seam distortion while sewing.
    • Relax spooled items for at least 24 hours before use to avoid shrinkage.
    • Please do not store goods in cardboard boxes in high temperatures/humidity, as this may cause discoloration.
    • Product may turn yellow when exposed to nitrogen oxides.