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Size Guide for Polyester Zig-Zag Tape (FY-18822)

Size Guide for Zig-Zag Tape
Size A B C
S approx. 5mm (3/16") approx. 3mm (1/8") approx. 3.5mm (9/64")
M approx. 8mm (5/16") approx. 4mm (5/32") approx. 4mm (5/32")
L approx. 12mm (31/64") approx. 7mm (9/32") approx. 7mm (9/32")
LL approx. 15mm (19/32") approx. 9mm (3/8") approx. 9mm (3/8")

Meters Yards
3m 3.28yd
9.14m 10yd
30m 32.81yd