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Sample Card Antique Metallic Torchon Lace (FY-19030)

Size Guide

  • I am afraid to buy without seeing the actual product first... For someone like you, first take a look at a sample of the actual product!
    I bought a product online...but it is different from the image I had in mind. I made a mistake!" Have you ever had an experience like that? Especially if it is a product such as a ribbon, it is worrisome to buy online unless you have actually verified the color and feel of the actual product. In response to your desire, we have provided a sample swatch of every color and every width. Also, the actual sample is not attached to the mount, so it is easy to match with the fabric you have on hand and it is possible to pick the perfect color and size that you are looking for. Please, I invite you to try it out!
  • Sales Unit 1 set (5 colors, 1 size)
    Product Number Antique Metallic Torchon Lace (FY-19030)
    • It is a swatch for checking out the actual product, so please refrain from using it for other purposes (we may decline multiple orders for the same sample).
    • Depending on the dyeing lot, there may be slight differences in the color between the sample and the product.


Size Guide
Millimeters Inches
3mm 1/8"
5mm 3/16"
6mm 1/4"
9mm 3/8"
13mm 1/2"
16mm 5/8"
19mm 3/4"
22mm 7/8"
25mm 1"
28mm 1-1/8"
32mm 1-1/4"
38mm 1-1/2"
50mm 2"
Meters Yards
9.14m 10yd
30m 32.81yd
40m 43.75yd
50m 54.68yd
80m 87.49yd
100m 109.36yd
120m 131.26yd
150m 164.04yd
160m 174.98yd
200m 218.72yd